Soup Cup Stackable 280 cc

Soup Cup Stackable 280 cc
ถ้วยซุป 2 หูทรงซ้อนขาว
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สั่งชื้อขั้นต่ำ : 36 ใบขึ้นไป
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Our Fine china has the creation oi Kaolin. Ball earth. Feldspar.Silica and tired at 1.30000 that is the temperature extend that makes the items to have the capacity to make its body sufficiently tough for serving all utilitarian use with 0% water absorption.Our items are tried and breezed through water ingestion Standard test BS EN 1217.By exploration and advancement, we have made our own coatings equation and utilize the immaculate crude material with finest quality. This raises the Natural Pearl White Color with translucent qualification.The consequence of whiteness perusing is 89-905 in light of ASTM.